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There is no doubt that students learn best in a comfortable and stable environment. It has only recently been discovered, however, that lighting can play a significant role in creating these conditions.

As more and more schools transition to light control systems, there is an increasing amount of data to suggest that lighting can improve a student’s focus, attention and overall performance. The Grover Cleveland Elementary School, installed the Lutron Balance LC lighting package for just these reasons. “We are getting more participation from the students,” the school’s principal observed, “more on-task behavior and our curriculum benchmarks for these kids have improved.”

Beyond general performance, the correct lighting is essential for the needs of the modern classroom. With the prevalence of technologies like video and computer presentations, it is becoming essential for classrooms to have situation-specific lighting that will allow students to view a projected image while at the same time giving them enough light to take notes.

dimmer and switch control for K12
Furthermore, the faculty of the school must be able to control these settings quickly, without disrupting their lesson plan. Installations like EcoSystem, used at the renowned Sidwell Friends School, have garnered rave reviews from the teachers who praise the system’s convenience and flexibility.

Students Take the Lead

Light control can have many lessons to impart to today’s children. The students of South Middle School were concerned about their hallway lights, which were always on and wasting energy. The students lobbied the school board to install a Lutron daylight and occupant-sensitive dimming system to improve their school’s energy efficiency.  

Using the savings from this innovative program, the students at South Middle School were able to enjoy other amenities crucial to their education, proving that efficient lighting is not simply good for the classroom or the students, but can benefit the school overall. South Middle was able to cut their lighting costs by more than 50%, allowing the school to invest in a new HVAC system that it sorely needed.

ecosystem lifecycle chart

From improving student performance to cutting costs and saving energy, Lutron offers a number of options for schools looking to give students an optimal education.

Balance LC Balance LC is a classroom fluorescent lighting control system that combines occupancy sensing, daylight dimming and manual control to help reduce energy costs and enhance the learning environment.
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