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Lighting plays a vital role in affecting a guest's overall experience, and retail stores and restaurants often have very complicated lighting demands. Lights that are dimmed can create the perfect setting and automatically last longer and require less maintenance than those of a traditional lighting system, providing considerable energy savings. The right light controls can create that distinctive feel and appearance for any space, while improving the business' bottom line.

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Retail stores often have very complicated lighting demands. The size of the store, the location of the windows, the items being featured, and the time of day all combine to influence the lighting strategy at any given moment. To devise a light management system that can accommodate all of these needs is not only a complex challenge for the engineers, but also the employees that have to operate it. This is where simple yet powerful solutions from Lutron can make an enormous difference.

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GRAFIK Eye wallstation


Whether your establishment’s environment is friendly or intimate, a tailored light control system can directly impact the bottom line in the fiercely competitive restaurant world. Lutron light control solutions deliver precision on all fronts, allowing a restaurant to skillfully execute the combination of food, service, décor, and atmosphere that delivers an unforgettable dining experience.

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