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Lutron LED Drivers with Xicato Modules


Lutron' s globally available LED drivers are industry leading in dimming performance and work in virtually all applications.

Hi-lume 1% LED drivers offer smooth, continuous dimming down to 1% for a wide range of current and voltage levels with pulse width modulation or constant current reduction dimming. Lutron drivers are individually configured to meet the needs of any project, whether it requires constant current or constant voltage. Refer to the compatibility list below to identify the specific Lutron driver model number that can be used with listed LED modules from other manufacturers.

Xicato LED Module Compatibility List

LED Module Part # LED Module Description Lumen Output (lm) Power Lutron Driver: EcoSystem/3-wire control Lutron Driver: 2-wire control
XSM80XX-400-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 400 5.7 L3DA4U1Uxx-GA070 LTEA4U1Uxx-GA070
XSM80XX-700-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 700 9.7 L3DA4U1Uxx-IA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-IA105
XSM80XX-1000-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 1000 13 L3DA4U1Uxx-IA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-IA105
XSM80XX-1300-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 1300 17.8 L3DA4U1Uxx-IA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-IA105
XSM80XX-2000-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 2000 28.8 L3DA4U1Uxx-JA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-JA105
XSM80XX-3000-C Xicato Spot Module 80 CRI 3000 45 L3DA5U1Uxx-NA105 -
XSM95XX-700-C Xicato Spot Module 95 CRI 700 13.4 L3DA4U1Uxx-HA070 LTEA4U1Uxx-HA070
XSM95XX-1000-C Xicato Spot Module 95 CRI 1000 21.5 L3DA4U1Uxx-JA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-JA105
XSM95XX-1300-C Xicato Spot Module 95 CRI 1300 27.7 L3DA4U1Uxx-JA105 LTEA4U1Uxx-JA105

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