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OEM Advantage Program 2021

This is the sixth-year Lutron has offered the OEM Advantage Program to our OEM customers in North America. Lutron works closely with over 350+ fixture manufacturers (OEMs) to simplify specifying controls and fixtures with Lutron LED drivers, Vive fixture controllers and Limelight fixture nodes that are guaranteed to work together. The OEM Advantage Program eliminates the uncertainty between control and fixture specifications.
Lutron works with this select group of participating OEM Advantage Program customers to:
  • Provide pricing transparency to their rep agents on these Lutron options to support your specifications with fair, mutually agreed upon price adders.
  • Clearly show the latest Lutron LED driver and wireless RF module options on their fixture spec sheets (find these at www.lutron.com/findafixture or click on the links below).
  • Constantly introduce new and innovative technology such as UL Class P listed Static White and Tunable White LED drivers, Vive Integral Fixture Controls, and Limelight wireless fixture nodes.
  • Match the OEM’s fixture warranty between 5 and 10 years with up to a 10-year, limited warranty on LED drivers at no additional cost to the OEM.
  • Conduct customer focused events and training with these OEM Advantage Partners throughout the calendar year to promote joint lighting and integrated control solutions.
OEM Advantage Program Manufacturers
Lutron is proud to announce the following expanded list of OEM Advantage Program manufacturers. ((The fixture list is constantly being updated with fixture data from all OEM Advantage Program enrollees.)