Energy Codes, Rebates & Incentives


The California Energy Commission (CEC) created a policy that standardizes environmentally sound building practices. Entitled 2008 Building and Energy Efficiency Standards/Regulations for Residential and Nonresidential Buildings (Title 24), the revised code requires mandatory lighting controls for all newly constructed or altered buildings.

Lutron products comply with the requisites outlined in Title 24*, and typically generate additional energy savings in both commercial and residential spaces.

NOTE: Only occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and automatic time switches need to be certified by the CEC. Dimmers do not need to be certified as they automatically comply with CEC requirements.

Title 24 commercial lighting codes
Title 24 residential lighting codes
* Customers should seek independent counsel on the requirements and interpretation of Title 24. The information provided on these pages is for reference only and should not be relied upon for any building construction decisions. Lutron shall not be liable for reliance on the information on these pages.