Light Control Education

Controlling LEDs isn’t as simple as controlling an incandescent lamp. While all incandescent lamps dim smoothly and down to a .1% measured light level, not all LEDs are dimmable. And the ones that are dimmable may be limited in how well and how far down they dim.

Our wide portfolio of LED control options lets you use the LED lighting of your choice while ensuring high quality performance.

All LED light sources
  • LED screw-in lamps
  • LED fixtures

All LED control technologies
  • EcoSystem or DALI digital, addressable LED fixtures
  • On/off switching with million cycle reliability (Softswitch)
  • Forward phase control dimming
  • Reverse phase control dimming
  • DMX
  • 0-10 V analog dimming with Softswitch

Wired or Wireless

Residential solutions

A wireless light, blind, and temperature control system for an entire home. This solution includes motion sensors, as well as a variety of keypad options, including backlit keypads.

HomeWorks QS
Our most advanced residential system, designed for luxury homes. It offers the ultimate in personalization, the most aesthetic options, and power panels to eliminate dimmers from the wall.

Commercial solutions

Standalone or single room solutions

Combines wireless occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and dimming controls with LED lights for a simple lighting system that save energy and improves productivity.

Energi TriPak
Lutron drivers

Multiroom or entire floor solutions

Expand the system with digitally addressable dimming LED drivers for significant yearly savings from reduced energy costs, increased lamp life, and lower maintenance costs. Reassign lighting fixture groups as floorplan changes, with no need for rewiring.

Energi TriPak
GRAFIK Eye 3000

Whole building solutions

Manage, monitor, and report on all lighting energy usage in a building for optimal energy performance and increased productivity, while minimizing maintenance and operating costs.