Unauthorised Product Caution Notices
Caution Notice – UK and European Market

Authentic Lutron products undergo various quality control measures and conform to very high standards of certification. Consumers are urged to buy genuine Lutron products only from Lutron’s authorised dealers. Please avoid purchasing such products from any other person, entity, or online stores since those products may be counterfeits, illegal adaptations, infringing devices, falsely advertised, or not suitable for the UK and European markets (whether in terms of safety, standard, or certification). Lutron shall not assume responsibility for any such product(s) purchased from an unauthorised source, other than through Lutron’s authorised dealers. For further information regarding Lutron’s products available for the UK and European market, you can visit Lutron’s website or call +44 (0)207 702 0657 or write to Lutron at eacs@lutron.com.