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To decrease energy consumption, California adopted an energy code (Title 24) for residential buildings. This new policy significantly modifies lighting needs in new and remodeled homes. All new and remodeled homes in California must incorporate energy efficient lighting and controls.

Lutron dimmers, fan controls, and timers provide a cost effective, consumer-friendly solution to save energy and meet the Title 24 requirements.

Title 24 Compliant Products

  • Dimmers
  • Occupancy sensors
    • Must be certified Title 24 compliant
    • Must be manual-on/automatic-off (can also be turned off manually)
    • Must turn off automatically in 30 minutes
    • Cannot be locked in a permanent "on" state
  • High efficacy lights
    • Fluorescent, pin type compact fluorescent (CFL) or high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps
    • Conventional screw-in (medium base) sockets do not comply with Title 24
    • Lamps rated 13 W or greater must have an electronic ballast

Code Requirements Per Room

Living Room, Bedroom, Family Room, and Hallway
  • Dimmers with incandescent or halogen lighting
  • Occupancy sensor
  • Fluorescent lighting (non screw-in)

Lutron dimmers create the perfect light for entertaining, relaxing, conversation, or safety. Our dimmers also soften the transition into your morning routine.

  • Fluorescent lighting – at least 50% of installed wattage must be from fluorescent, CFL or HID lights that do not screw in (13 watts or greater require an electronic ballast)
  • Incandescent lighting – up to 50% of installed wattage may be incandescent lighting if switched separately
  • Dimmers with incandescent or halogen lighting as an upgrade from a switch

Dimmers work with halogen and incadescent bulbs to create romantic mood lighting, neutral light for family meals, and task lighting for preparation and clean-up.

Other Interior Rooms
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Occupancy sensors

Exterior Lights (Attached to Building)
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Incandescent / halogen lighting combined with photo/motion sensor

Compare Your Options

Excellent Excellent Very good Very good Good Good
Fair Fair Not applicable Not applicable

Dimmers Occupancy sensors Fluorescent lighting

* Occupancy sensors must be installed in the line of traffic.

Cost of compliance
Dimmers and occupancy sensors are affordable. Fixtures for compliant fluorescent lamps are costly and may require special mounting hardware.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) that screw into conventional lamps do not comply with Title 24.
Excellent Excellent Fair
Speed of installation
Lutron dimmers are a quick way to comply with Title 24 code. Simply use dimmers in place of switches in new construction or replace existing switches with dimmers.
  • Use existing fixtures, wiring, placement
  • Fluorescent lights that comply with Title 24 require new fixtures
  • Occupancy sensors require calibration
Excellent Good Fair
Versatility of installation*
  • Dimmers use existing switch locations, and work with incandescent or halogen bulbs
  • Fluorescent lights that comply with Title 24 require new sockets or fixtures.
  • Occupancy sensors must be installed in the line-of-traffic
Excellent Good Excellent
Energy savings
  • Dimmers and fluorescent lights both save energy and extend bulb life
  • Occupancy sensors only save money if lights would have been left on inadvertently
Very good Good Excellent
Dimmers are the only lighting option you can use to actually create ambiance. Dimmers can create the right light for every room and activity.
Excellent Not applicable Not applicable

For Additional Information

Call the CEC:
  • Inside California +1.800.772.3300
  • Outside California +1.916.654.5106

Visit the CEC website at

For clarification of terms used on this page, please review Lutron's glossary of terms.