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Control the myRoom system at the touch of a button with programmable, easy-to-use keypads.

Pico wireless control
Palladiom QS wallstation
Architectural seeTouch keypad*
International seeTouch wallstation*
Architrave keypad*
Signature Series keypad*
Hospitality Pico control*

Main Units

The GRAFIK Eye QS main unit controls multiple lighting and shading zones.

GRAFIK Eye QS main unit*

Ballasts & Drivers

Exercise greater dimming control using drivers and ballasts by Lutron.

EcoSystem LED drivers*
EcoSystem 5-Series LED drivers*
EcoSystem H-Series ballasts*

Temperature Control

The myRoom system uses the following devices for convenient control of temperature.

230V room thermostat
Palladiom QS room thermostat
Third-party thermostat (via contact closure)


Lutron occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant. They can also control temperature and blinds based on the occupied status of the room.

Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor
LOS W Series occupancy sensor
LOS C Series occupancy sensor

Programming & Software

The myRoom plus system integrates with third-party management systems with these applications.

Micros Opera PMS interface software license*
BACnet interface software license*


The guestroom control unit is the heart of the myRoom plus system and provides the intelligence for automating lights, temperature, and blinds.

Guestroom control unit*
Hybrid repeater*

Power Panels & Power Interfaces

Power modules allow switching and dimming equipment to be located remotely.

Hospitality power modules
Power modules*
0-10 V interface

Control Interfaces

The myRoom system uses the following interfaces for convenient, reliable light control.

QS sensor module
QS contact closure/input output interface
QS DMX output control interface*
QS RS232/Ethernet interface*
Hospitality HVAC control module

Window Treatments

Complement any décor with our wide array of fashionable and innovative window treatments.

Alena pull-to-start curtain track
Alena QS pull-to-start curtain track
Alena QS Wireless pull-to-start curtain track
Sivoia QS roller blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless roller blinds*
Sivoia QS curtain track*
Sivoia QS Wireless curtain track*
Sivoia QS Kirbé vertical curtain system*
Sivoia QS Wireless Kirbé vertical curtain system*
Sivoia QS Roman blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless Roman blinds*
Sivoia QS Venetian blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless Venetian blinds*
Sivoia QS tensioned blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless tensioned blinds*
Sivoia QS cable guided blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless cable guided blinds*
Sivoia QS horizontal sheer blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless horizontal sheer blinds*
Sivoia QS pleated blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless pleated blinds*
Sivoia QS Wireless insulated honeycomb blinds*

*Available exclusively for the myRoom plus solution.