Energi Savr Node Solutions

A simple programmable, smart system that controls lights and saves energy in a commercial space. Energi Savr Node can be used to control digitally addressable or third-party ballasts and drivers, and connect wired and wireless occupancy/vacancy sensorsdaylight sensors and wallstations to manage light in a variety of spaces. These components increase space flexibility, improve occupant comfort and productivity and reduce maintenance costs. Ideal for retrofits and new construction, each Energi Savr Node module can be installed locally, without connecting to a central panel.

What's New

Energi Savr Node for DALI:

The World’s First DALI-2 Certified Control Solution

The Energi Savr Node control module is the world’s first certified DALI-2 lighting control product. Thanks to the new, stringent DALI-2 certification process, lighting professionals can now enjoy the benefits of a DALI-based lighting control solution, while giving specifiers full confidence in the interoperability of the various elements of their lighting control system.

QS Motor Module (220-240V)

This interface provides seamless integration of Lutron control solutions with third-party AC blinds, shades, exterior louvers, projection screens or any compatible AC motor.

QS Timeclock

The QS Timeclock is an astronomic timeclock that provides automatic control of lights and shades from a single device on the QS link.