Commercial Applications

Cultural & Event Centre

Beyond residential and office spaces, Lutron is capable of accommodating a wide variety of needs and challenges all while helping you reduce your energy use. From amusement parks to libraries, sprawling convention centres to world-class museums, Lutron is capable of tailoring a unique solution to meet the particular needs of your business.

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Amusement Parks

With numerous attractions, pathways, and different themed areas, amusement parks require highly sophisticated light control solutions. Whether you’re seeking to create dramatic effects, highlight merchandise, or ensure visibility for guests as they walk through your park, Lutron has solutions for your various needs that will not only enhance the park’s overall ambiance, but also reduce energy usage and help lower costs.

Suggested Solutions:

Amusement Park Light Control

Convention Centres

Convention centres need to be able to cater to an ever changing roster of events and the differing needs and specifications of each activity, while maintaining an existing aesthetic. Lutron systems allow convention centres to meet these challenges with speed and convenience, while maximising energy savings and contributing points towards LEED certification.

Suggested Solutions:
Convention Center Light Control


With multiple sections requiring different lighting levels and a frequent need to accommodate existing skylights, Lutron light control systems provide the control and automation to illuminate specific areas in a library while substantially reducing energy levels, operating costs, and creating a more welcoming environment.

Suggested Solutions:

Library Light Control


Proper lighting levels are essential not only for the appreciation of art, but also its preservation, as priceless works of art need to be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. Lutron systems provide museums with an elegant and automated solution that enhances the overall impact of the art and the museum, quietly complementing while never outshining history’s treasures.

Suggested Solutions:
Museum Light Control

Stadiums & Arenas

With diverse areas such as stands, skyboxes, concessions, parking lots, and – of course – the performing area, lighting a stadium or arena requires careful planning and the most sophisticated light control equipment. Lutron has a number of offerings to help facility managers coordinate their lighting, save energy, and prolong the life of their lighting fixtures—while coordinating them under a central control system.

Suggested Solutions:
Stadium and Arena Light Control


Light control is one of the major elements in theatre operations, as lighting evokes specific moods and emotions. As cinema and stage design increases in complexity, so do their light control systems. While cinema might require a higher degree of automation and integration, theatre calls for a level of control both nuanced and accessible. Lutron systems provide solutions ideal for either art form, allowing for a greater degree of light control and a better audience experience.

Suggested Solutions:
Theater Light Control


Casinos present a high-energy atmosphere where the scene is always changing. In addition to gaming, guests enjoy a host of functions from performances to exhibitions. Light control plays a
big role in building an exciting environment. The gaming industry requires a unique litany of specifications from its light control systems. Lutron meets those needs by delivering innovative, flexible solutions for large spaces that can handle a variety of light sources.

Suggested Solutions:

Staircases & Corridors

Staircases and corridors are sometimes left unoccupied for hours at a time, but need to be well-lit when someone enters the space. Lutron solutions keep the lights on at a dim level to meet local codes, and brighten the lights when the staircase is occupied, providing a safe path of light. Using these strategies, you can reduce a significant portion of the buildings total lighting energy usage and meet building codes and standards.

Suggested Solutions: