Lighting Energy Audits

Learn how to save energy with your light control system

Our products are made to save energy right out of the box. Utilising Lutron light control strategies can enhance those savings. A lighting energy audit will capture how you currently use lighting energy in your facility and will determine which energy-saving strategies can work for you.

Top reasons to audit your lighting system:

  • To save energy and money with existing equipment by using new light control strategies
  • To improve your facility's image — go green
  • To enhance your facility's atmosphere for occupants with added comfort, safety, and productivity
  • Because lighting uses 39% of electricity in office buildings (EIA Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, 2003 data, released in 2008)
  • Because you know that older equipment needs to be replaced with more energy efficient products
  • Because, sometimes, simple operational changes can impact energy savings dramatically
  • To re-optimise system operation after facility changes
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The process of a Lutron lighting energy audit

The purpose of a lighting energy audit is to identify operational practices that can reduce energy usage. An on-site visit by a Lutron Service Representative will include a system evaluation and brief interviews with facility stakeholders to get a better understanding of how the facility is currently used. This will help determine which solutions will work for your facility.

Following the on-site evaluation, we will provide you with an assessment that will identify opportunities to improve lighting energy usage. From there, we can work with you to provide a system optimisation service to implement the solutions that are best for your facility.