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Glossary of terms


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100% factory testing
Lutron performance tests every product at the end of the manufacturing line to meet rigid quality standards. Customers receive products that have been tested to work the first time, every time.
100% recycled
Recycled products are made in part or whole from material that contains either reused, remanufactured, or reconditioned material, and includes recycled raw materials. Recycled fabrics reduce the amount of waste entering landfills and decrease the need for virgin materials.
100% wattage capacity
Lutron dimmers can be loaded to their full wattage capacity. For example, a 600 W dimmer, with the side section attached (not derated), can handle 600 watts of load.
3-way dimmer with switches
3-way dimmers adjust the light level from one location. When used with 3-way switches, the lights can be switched on to the dimmer level from a second location.