Energi Savr Node

Energi Savr Node is a smart module that allows for easy integration of wired and wireless occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and light controls with digital ballasts, 0-10 V dimming loads and switching loads.

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Technical Documentation & Support:
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  • Save energy and comply with codes by easily integrating with wired or wireless occupancy sensors and daylight sensors
  • Customise the system through an easy and intuitive programming application designed for the Apple® iPhone or iPod touch mobile digital devices*
  • Eliminate the need for system programming in simple applications by utilizing preconfigured occupancy sensing and daylighting modes
  • Control a single space – up to an entire floor – with one or more Energi Savr Node modules
  • Panel models available: Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem, Energi Savr Node with Softswitch, Energi Savr Node for 0-10V and Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem for Shades
  • DIN-rail models available: Energi Savr Node Phase-Adaptive, Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem, Energi Savr Node for DALI, Energi Savr Node for Switching, Energi Savr Node for 0-10V

Mounting Options

  • Surface-mount and DIN-rail mounted options availble
  • The low profile, plenum rated enclosure easily fits above a ceiling or into other small spaces, with line voltage and low voltage wiring connecting to terminal blocks
  • Dimensions for panel models (Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem; Energi Savr Node with Softswitch; and Energi Savr Node for 0-10 V): 13.25 in (h) x 9.85 in (w) x 3.16 in (d)
  • Dimensions (Energi Savr Node with EcoSystem and Shades): 24.5 in (h) x 16 in (w) x 4.5 in (d)
  • Dimensions (DIN-rail models): 90 mm (3.5 in) (h) x 162 mm (6.4 in) (w) x 61 mm (2.4 in) (d)
  • Dimensions (Energi Savr Node Phase- Adaptive DIN-rail): 90 mm (3.5 in) (h) x 216 mm (8.5 in) (w) x 76 mm (3 in) (d)
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