Commercial Applications

Office Spaces

With an increased focus on sustainable construction and performance, office and staff support spaces must be energy efficient and designed to enhance the work environment.

To optimize life-cycle performance, staff areas need to be flexible to support different activities throughout the day. These areas require light control that automatically and comfortably adjusts electric light levels in response to available daylight and turns lights off when a space is unoccupied. In addition, personal control of lighting empowers staff to customize lighting based on the needs of daily activities.
light control for staff areas
Specifically designed for employee and staff spaces, EcoSystem fluorescent dimming cost-effectively integrates personal control, daylight sensing and occupancy sensing, giving users an unprecedented level of governance over a space's lighting. Automated window shades, such as Sivoia QS, control glare and heat gain while retaining views to the outside
reception area lighting
EcoSystem Increase a space's flexibility and an employee's comfort and productivity while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Systems for Staff & Administrative Areas Quantum
LCP128 Sivoia QS Radio Powr Savr