Commercial Applications

Nurseries & NICUs

Nurseries and neonatal intensive care units have unique lighting requirements in order to acclimate newborns to the outside world. These areas are also under constant observation and need to have conveniently located lighting controls for staff.

Premature babies are at a high risk from over-exposure to bright light, which can damage a newborn’s retinas. Because neonatal infants have thinner eyelids and have not yet developed the ability to constrict their pupils in response to light, a controlled, dynamic lighting environment is required in these spaces. Many Lutron solutions, including the GRAFIK Eye QS, offer astronomical time clocks, which provide a scheduling feature and can cycle through different light levels throughout the day. This aids
in establishing natural circadian rhythms for the infants and can protect them from overexposure to bright lights.

Because hospital staff constantly visits these areas, convenient controls located at each crib allow nurses and doctors to have the best light for the task at hand. Scene and zone controls like seeTouch QS provide adjustable light levels and enable nurses to set lighting to minimum levels between observations.
GRAFIK Eye QS Adjust lighting and shades for any task or activity with a fully customizable preset energy-saving control system.
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Systems for Nurseries & NICUs