Commercial Applications

Public Areas

Public spaces should be designed to create a warmer, more calming environment, accommodating the physical and emotional needs of patients, friends, and family.

Daylight and access to outside views have a positive effect on patients, staff, and family. As a result, architectural plans for public spaces are using daylight more effectively than ever before. In addition, facility managers are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and maximize energy efficiency.
light control for public areas
The Quantum system allows facility managers to control, configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the light in an entire building from one central location. Quantum integrates the daylight control benefits of EcoSystem and Sivoia QS, automatically and comfortably adjusting electric light levels in response to available daylight and controlling heat gain and glare – all from one convenient location.
healthcare facility corridor
Quantum A total light management system with central monitoring of an entire building. Gain optimal performance and considerable energy savings.
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Systems for Public Spaces Quantum GRAFIK 7000
LCP128 GRAFIK Eye QS Sivoia QS Radio Powr Savr