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Patient Rooms

Perhaps the most important benefits of light control can be seen in hospital patient rooms. Access to daylight and personal control of electric light can positively affect the health and well-being of patients. In addition, intuitive light controls for nurses and doctors support hospital staff to deliver the highest quality of care.

Studies show that proper lighting, including access to daylight, is critical in patient room design. Further research suggests that a patient’s mood and perceptions are affected by the degree of control they have over their environment. Patient rooms should be designed accordingly, creating a relaxing environment for the patient and family. Window treatments like Sivoia QS control unwanted heat gain and
glare, and take advantage of daylight while maintaining views to the outside. Lutron light controls like seeTouch QS can also integrate with patient pillow speakers, providing patient control of both lighting and window shades.

As demonstrated in Sharp Memorial Hospital, integration with bedside controls allows patients to personalize their space. It also provides a more productive staff environment since staff members do not have to adjust the light for immobilized patients.
seeTouch QS Control lights and shades from anywhere in the room. seeTouch offers customizable button arrangements and engravings, and infrared remote capability.
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Systems for Patient Rooms
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