Commercial Applications

Case study: University of Toronto

State-of-the-art classroom facility blends automated light control and electronics for an integrated, multimedia-learning environment.

Project requirements:

  • System integration with A/V equipment
  • Simple operation for multiple end users
  • Simplicity of design but able to handle multiple activities in one space

The Lutron GRAFIK Eye 4000 preset dimming control lets lecturers at the University of Toronto select desired combinations of lighting for recall at the touch of a button. Adcom’s Iroom software integrates all devices – VCR, data/video projector, document camera, and lighting. These two systems come together using icons on a touch screen VGA monitor embedded in the console that serves as the room’s control panel.

With the system, lighting can be preset to optimum levels; for example, 100% for lecture, 50% for videoconferencing, 20% for data or video viewing, spotlight only for demonstration. Lecturers can concentrate on instruction and, at the touch of a button or screen icon, change lighting levels, audio levels or manipulate other equipment as desired. The system defaults to the original setting when turned off – ready for the next lecturer.

University of Toronto Large Class Room
This educational vision of the future was developed through the efforts of University Information Commons, Lutron, and Adcom personnel. Simplicity in design and usage, budget, and purpose were key elements that were delineated and satisfied. The Lutron GRAFIK Eye lighting control system was specified because it is sophisticated, yet simple and easy to use.
GRAFIK Eye 4000 Coordinate all of a room’s features with the GRAFIK Eye 4000 for complete control at the touch of a button.
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Products used in this project GRAFIK Eye 4000

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