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Surgical Suites & Special Treatment Areas

The lighting requirements in surgical suites vary with the procedure. Therefore, the lighting should be adjustable to accommodate the changing needs of the space and the requirements of the surgical team.

Many medical procedures require high light levels to prepare the room and equipment. When video screens and microscopes are introduced, physicians and technicians need lower light levels for a clear view of video images. Surgeons also require lower perimeter light levels to reduce eye fatigue and remain focused during long procedures. In procedures where the patient is awake, lower light levels help the patient to relax.
lighting for surgical rooms
In these types of environments, convenient controls and adjustable light levels are essential. Solutions like GRAFIK Eye QS and seeTouch QS provide IR remote capability and precise, pre-programmed lighting scenes to meet the preference of each surgical team.
light control for special treatment areas
GRAFIK Eye QS Adjust lighting and shades for any task or activity with a fully customizable preset energy-saving control system.
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Systems for Surgical Suites & Special Treatment Areas