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Casinos present a high-energy atmosphere where the scene is always changing. In addition to gaming, guests enjoy a host of functions from performances to exhibitions. Light control plays a big role in building an exciting environment.

The gaming industry requires a unique litany of specifications from its light control systems. Innovative, flexible solutions for large spaces deliver easy-to-use designs that can handle multiple sources from Lutron. Quick changes, dramatic effects, and responsive controls ensure seamless operation.
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Elegant & Energy Efficient

The Venetian Macao is the most elegant player at China’s burgeoning gambling destination. The Lutron GRAFIK 7000 system, with its built-in patented RTISS technology, ensures stable output of light, even during power surges. Throughout the casino, Lutron light control operates on a network-based system, which allows monitoring and automation of light levels from a computer.

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The chandeliers in the casino are controlled by the Lutron GRAFIK 5000 system, which employs a dimming system that both showcases a building’s dramatic architecture and extends lamp life, ultimately saving maintenance costs. In the luxurious VIP suites, Lutron Sivoia QED roller shades and drapery offer guests personal control of both electric light and daylight.
dimmer switch and shading solution
Flexible and expandable light control systems are a perfect fit for an industry that is constantly fine-tuning its operation.
GRAFIK 7000 Manage the lighting of multiple spaces from a single control. Fully scalable, GRAFIK 7000 can handle the most complex projects.
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