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Case study: Spa of Siam, Mandarin Oriental

Overlooking Marina Bay in the heart of Singapore’s central business district is the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Within the hotel is an urban spa where city dwellers can enjoy revitalizing pampering without leaving the city.

As its name suggests, the Spa of Siam is a Thai-inspired spa decorated with tropical woods and exotic furnishings. With its oriental-inspired setting coupled with the skillful therapist’s touch, the Spa of Siam offers its guests a thoroughly indulgent luxury experience. Featuring four massage rooms, treatment suite, shiatsu room, two changing rooms and a retail space, the Spa of Siam occupies 485 square meters and is ranked as one of the best spas in Singapore. The spa also offers a yoga studio with qualified yoga masters from India available to impart the mind and body benefits of the ancient yogic arts.
Lighting designer Bo Steiber of Bo Steiber Lighting Design selected the Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3500 Series for the installation. Steiber’s overall design philosophy was primarily to match the theme of the interior design, and in this particular case, its oriental and heavily wooded theme, creating a low lighting level scheme which projects a calming and tranquil mood.
Spa of Siam Kitchen
Spa of Siam Dining Area

A special feature of the spa is mirrored panels installed in all the rooms and then overlaid with sheer curtain. The sheer curtains bring a softer and relaxing mood to the rooms while maintaining the ‘silhouette effect’ created by the mirror panels and making the spaces seem larger. Plus, strip lights were installed in the curtains to add warmth and drama.

Steiber selected Lutron as the light control systems provider because of the complexity required to produce the ambience for the spa’s many rooms, each with its own atmosphere and lighting needs. In the massage rooms and yoga studio, warmly subdued lights are displayed, while in the retail space the light is brighter so customers have a clear view of the products available. Steiber also chose GRAFIK Eye for its ability to fine-tune lighting levels with unprecedented accuracy and its ease of operation, which allows the spa’s therapists to make modifications on their own with minimal training.

One GRAFIK Eye with four circuits was installed in each treatment room. Another two GRAFIK Eye units with 6 circuits each were installed in the public spaces, and another one with six circuits was placed in the VIP room. The controlling circuits allow the users to select among various light sources and adjust the intensity of lighting in any part of a room to create preset scenes for different atmosphere, drama, and sophistication.
Spa of Siam Lobby

“We used Lutron’s lighting control system because of its ability to create different ambience for the spa at the touch of a button; even the spa’s therapists can easily make adjustments to the system, giving them greater adaptability to their customer’s needs,“ said Steiber. “We are pleased with the expertise Lutron offered, and the spa’s owners have been very happy with the system’s smooth operation. We couldn’t have made a better choice.”
GRAFIK Eye 3000 GRAFIK Eye 3000 provides switching, dimming, energy management, and shade control from a single, scalable system.
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