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Case study: Island Bar & Restaurant

The challenge was to design an easy to use light control system for a restaurant and bar that would take into account panoramic views of the River Thames from dawn to dusk, and enable diners to enjoy the experience indoors and out, all year round.

The Island Bar & Restaurant started life as a simple refurbishment. However, following structural investigations, it was decided that a new build was the only way forward. The newest light control technology from Lutron, LCP128, was chosen to ensure that the daylight and artificial lighting within the building were balanced for optimum effect throughout the year using the system’s integral astronomical time clock.

In addition, the choice of the LCP128 technology came down to a need for optimal control of the bar and restaurant lighting, without the need to train staff continually on how to use it. The self-contained nature of LCP128 meant it was quick to install and could be programmed on-site by the electrical contracts manager, causing minimum disruption to the rebuilding project.

Using a mixture of LEDs and downlights, the bar area has been lit so that there is no glare for guests as they look out towards the river view. The decking that surrounds the exterior of the bar benefits from sunken blue accent lights that are fully sealed, as the area is prone to flooding during the winter months. The upper floor, which contains the restaurant area, is a mixture of wall and down lights, strategically placed to maximize the views.

The bar and restaurant not only looks good during the day, but fabulous at night. By using the Lutron LCP128 light control system to operate the entire building – inside and out – there is now a total lighting mood for any time of the day or night.

LCP 128 Perfect for retail, restaurants, and more, LCP128 features automated presets and convenient control of all dimmers and switches on the job.
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