Hyperion Solar-adaptive Shading

Reduced Energy Consumption

Hyperion utilises blind schedules to maximise the amount of available daylight entering a space, enhancing the energy saving potential of daylight harvesting lighting systems. Hyperion can also lower the load on a building’s HVAC system to further reduce energy consumption.


The shading system can be tuned to meet the changing needs of any space without rewiring via user-friendly Q-Admin software. Shading groups can be easily modified by facilities, reducing maintenance time and costs.

Integrates with Sivoia QS Roller Blinds

Maximise your building's daylight harvesting potential with ultra-quiet, automated window treatments. Sivoia QS roller blinds offer several sizes to accommodate any space. Hyperion solar adaptive shading exclusively uses Sivoia QS roller blinds.

Personal Control

Hyperion can be overridden at any time to suit personal preferences. This personal control is a key component of this system because individuals with different preferences can easily be accommodated.

Lower Costs

The system’s simplified set-up lowers installation costs and its minimal long-term maintenance requirements save a significant amount of time and money over the life of the building.