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Case study: Grünwald Musikschule

From a distance, the architecturally striking Grünwald music school in southern Munich resembles a stylish country hotel, surrounded by extensive landscaping and broad paths, with full-height glass façades. It has been designed to be both an attractive place of learning for aspiring musicians and a high-quality venue for audiences.

The challenge:

To design a building that emphasizes the importance of daylight was the overriding challenge faced by the team of architects from Biedermann. The highly imaginative architecture places the emphasis on transparency, with a maximum of sunlight throughout the building. To achieve the delicate balance between electric light and daylight, a sophisticated light control system was required.

Grunwald Musikschule Practice Space

The solution:

The music school is polygonal on the inside and circular on the outside, and the rehearsal rooms and offices are arranged around the 300-seater concert hall. A continuous band of skylights around its circumference means that even the basement has natural light. To balance the electric light and daylight levels, Biedermann chose GRAFIK Eye 4000 lighting control system, which enables a wide range of preset and stored lighting scenes to be recalled at the touch of a button.

Grunwald Musikschule Auditorium

GRAFIK Eye 4000 can control most major light sources including incandescent, fluorescent and neon/cold cathode lighting. This was vital for the wide variety of lighting used throughout Grünwald school. The system also helped reduce lighting overheads to a minimum due to clever control.

The results:

From offices and the central foyer, to rehearsal rooms and the amphitheatre, all lighting eventualities are covered thanks to Lutron. The lighting in the rehearsal rooms and the amphitheatre has been created with drama in mind.

Equally suited to big bands or to soloists, a variety of lighting scenes in the two large rehearsal rooms can be chosen to suit individual needs, and the lighting can be dimmed depending on how many people are using the room and how much daylight is present.

Grunwald Musikschule Concourse

The Grünwald Music School takes full advantage of the GRAFIK Eye 4000 preset scene selection, daylight harvesting (to achieve optimal light levels), time scheduling and theatrical integration functions while maintaining subtle changes in lighting levels for maximum impact.
GRAFIK Eye 4000 Coordinate all of a room’s features with the GRAFIK Eye 4000 for complete control at the touch of a button.
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