Simple building block components make design easy

Lutron PowPak’s offer unparallel versatility as lighting control modules. They work for both retrofit and new construction, allowing for easy upgrade of any building into a smart building. They can be wired into a junction box or into a marshalling box for maximum flexibility.
Add a Vive wireless hub to enable simple setup and rezoning, system monitoring, timeclock functionality, and advanced integration.

Room Type Design Typicals

These simple room based graphical layouts demonstrate how to apply Vive components to different spaces in your building.
Vive Application Guide

Designer+ for Vive

Lutron Designer+ for Vive is an intuitive, easy-to-use software tool that enables you to arrive at the right lighting control solution quickly. By simply selecting the Room Types on your project , Designer+ allows you to generate professional and accurate documentation including bills of materials, one-line diagrams, and sequence of operations.

Vive in Action

“We can use the right mix of products in every space from open offices, to classrooms, to meeting rooms – it makes product bids, installation, and programming easier and less time consuming.”

- Pat Henry,
Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
The Franklin & Marshall facilities team came to Lutron for a solution that was easy to install with minimal disruption to space occupants, easy to program, energy-efficient. The system they chose had to have timeclock functionality, the ability to load shed, and provide real-time energy savings, all within the college’s budget.
Franklin and Marshall Case Study

Take a Walk Through

Check out these interactive training modules that walk through the Vive Wireless system and provide practice exercises that allow you to maximize the potential of your vive Wireless system.
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