Install & Setup

Wireless simplifies installation

70% faster installation

With Vive wireless products, similar to Energi TriPak, you can install a switch and sensor in as little as 15 minutes. And since no new wiring is required, you won't disrupt occupants in the space.

  Wired vs wireless product
installation overview

Simple setup and programming options with the Vive wireless hub

Mobile phone setup
Using Vive Vue software on any compatible smart device you can wirelessly connect system controls and program system settings—no ladder required. Lutron’s patent pending RF signal strength detection automatically finds nearby devices making job setup faster.

Setup and programming options without the Vive wireless hub

Push button setup
Use simple button-press programming to select and associate wireless devices - it's as easy as setting a station on your car radio.

Flexible hardware

Vive Wireless Hub
Install Guide
Wireless Load Controller
Install Guide
Wireless Sensor
Install Guide

Wireless Remote Control
Install Guide

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Setup the system yourself, or choose the right mix of support services

Lutron also offers a variety of flexible, scalable support options to meet the needs of your project and your budget.

Option 1 - Do it yourself
Vive is designed to make installation and setup easy. Instructions are included with the product, and comprehensive online help is available 24/7 at Simple-to-follow videos and product guides are just a click away.

Option 2 - Get a little help
If you’re looking for some extra peace of mind, Lutron Services can be purchased in flexible blocks of time to provide the right kind of support for your project. The Services team can provide training, walk you through setup for a specific project area, answer any other questions you have, or help finish setup by closing punch list items.

Option 3 - Leave the setup to us
If you prefer, the Lutron Services Team can execute the full system setup.

• Onsite setup — a Lutron certified service technician will perform the complete system setup at your project site

Please contact your local sales representative to discuss the service option that works best for your project.