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With cutting-edge solutions like EcoSystem, Lutron can benefit libraries in 2 significant ways: assists in creating a more welcoming, patron-friendly environment that encourages the public's participation and significantly reduces a library’s energy usage.

Illuminating Studies

Libraries require varying illumination levels for multiple zones, and because of its advanced digital ballasts, EcoSystem allows for differing light levels throughout a library’s reference section, stacks, circulation, and seating areas. In the case of the Brecksville Library, additional electrical work throughout the library was unnecessary as EcoSystem integrates easily with existing circuit wiring. This saved the Brecksville branch roughly $16,000 in wiring costs and labor that new installation would have required.

ecosystem lifecycle chart
The state-of-the-art EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control solution provides numerous energy efficiency strategies, including dimming, daylight sensing, and occupancy sensing in addition to personal control. Lighting typically accounts for up to 40% of an office building’s energy usage, and in the case of education buildings like libraries, that figure can raise as high as 56%. EcoSystem can reduce a building’s lighting energy use up to 60% or more.

Many libraries use extensive skylights to daylight their rooms, but outdated lighting systems generally negate the savings associated with this green practice, as the lights are either off or on. EcoSystem is more than able to accommodate the lighting benefits of skylights, automatically dimming or brightening based the amount of daylight in a space.

With the energy savings and enhanced illumination benefits associated with EcoSystem lighting controls, libraries like the Brecksville Branch are realizing the distinct advantages of upgrading their lighting strategies to 21st century standards with Lutron light solutions.
EcoSystemIncrease a space's flexibility and an employee's comfort and productivity, while reducing maintenance costs and saving lighting energy by 40 – 70%.

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