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Stadiums & Arenas

With diverse areas such as stands, skyboxes, concessions, parking lots, and – of course – the performing area, lighting a stadium or arena requires careful planning and the most sophisticated light control equipment.

Some areas of a stadium can have high intensity sports lighting, which most of the time is just switched on and off. Other areas have fluorescent lighting and even halogen lighting, which may be switched or dimmed, depending on the facility. Usually, each of these areas has to be separately planned and programmed for each activity. Add other attractions to the mix – like concerts, circuses, and corporate functions – and it becomes clear that only the most powerful light control system will do.

Lutron has a number of offerings to help facility managers coordinate their lighting, save energy, and prolong the life of their lighting fixtures.

Because of the size of a stadium or arena, the light management system must have a centralized control. This control center can monitor and adjust the lighting of the entire facility. In addition, the centralized control must be flexible and easy to program for different events. A total light management system from Lutron such as Quantum can coordinate all of these functions into one simple interface.

To save energy, Lutron recommends occupancy/vacancy sensors in areas such as restrooms that can switch off lights when these areas are not in use. Lutron systems can also harvest daylight in conjunction with fluorescent light control. This effective combination further reduces energy usage.

To prolong the life of a stadium’s light fixtures Lutron has designed the Softswitch system, which minimizes the stress exerted on a light fixture when it's switched on. By minimizing this damage, stadium and arena lights will last longer and require less maintenance.

Though stadiums and arenas present many complexities for lighting engineers, Lutron has the solutions to meet each specific need without sacrificing efficiency and comfort.

Quantum A total light management system allows central monitoring of an entire building, allowing for considerable energy savings and optimal performance.
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