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The austerity of history, the precision of invention, the subtleties of art, and the complexities of life demand a separate schema in every presentation. A museum needs advanced light control to best feature and protect the masterworks it houses. Lutron light control systems enhance the aesthetic of any exhibition, and protect displays from the erosive qualities of sunlight's harmful U/V rays. Visitors will notice presentation, as museums continue preservation.

The Guggenheim

These specific challenges were met by Lutron when contacted by Lam Partners, the lighting design firm of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. The building, designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, needed a customized lighting solution as unique as Gehry's vision: flexible, easy to use, and efficient. The GRAFIK 6000 system met those requirements.

"By dimming the lights a mere 8%, we were able to keep colors true in the artwork and effectively double lamp life. That's another big plus - having lighting controls saves enormous maintenance and energy costs," reported Paul Zaferiou of Lam Partners.

Energy & Aesthetics

Lutron is also used in Beijing's Capital Museum in China. Seamlessly integrated light controls in the 3 buildings that comprise the museum, retaining the aesthetics of every exhibit, while ensuring environmentally friendly and energy-efficient space.

The museum required a scalable, easily configured system to meet the rapid growth of its collections: a prominent feature in every Lutron light control solution. To ensure further artifact preservation, occupancy/vacancy sensors were used to dim lighting when visitors were away from exhibits, which added to the museum's energy conservation as well.

light control keypad for museums

The museum also had to address voltage instability. Lutron patented RTISS technology (PDF) manages light flickering, an issue common in such instances.

Lutron, with its reputation and reliability, matched the museum's aspirations of being the most technologically advanced in its field and showcased the exhibits in their best light.

GRAFIK 6000 Scalable light control for multiple spaces with various needs and complexities.
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