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A wide range of light and blind control systems can help set the tone to make guests feel welcome – whether they’ve come to play, sleep, dine, work, or simply relax. Without sacrificing comfort or elegance, our commitment to innovation delivers significant savings and an enhanced guest experience.

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After a busy day, guests want to relax in a comfortable, inviting environment that allows them to appreciate their home away from home. And what better way to unwind than walking into a room where lights and shades automatically adjust to a predetermined welcome scene. Lutron intuitive control solutions also ensure that guests can easily adjust lights, shades, and temperature with a simple touch of a button. In addition, Lutron solutions utilize guest presence detection to save energy by turning lights off when a room is unoccupied or initiating HVAC setbacks when a room is unsold.

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casino light control

Lobbies & Reception Areas

First impressions are lasting impressions. Adding Lutron light and blind control to public spaces helps accentuate architectural details, highlight artwork, block the sun’s glare, and create a welcoming ambiance.

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hotel light control

Back of House

The benefits of Lutron solutions don’t stop in guest areas. Installing light control in spaces such as utility areas is a practical way to save energy in areas that aren’t accessible to guests. Lutron’s battery-operated wireless sensor makes installation quick and simple.

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restaurant light control


Light and blind control increases the flexibility of a ballroom, providing the appropriate lighting for daytime conferences as well as evening receptions. No matter what the event, Lutron light solutions create just the right atmosphere—efficiently and reliably.

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resort light control


Whether your establishment’s environment is friendly or intimate, a tailored light control system can directly impact the bottom line in the fiercely competitive restaurant world. Lutron light control solutions deliver precision on all fronts, allowing a restaurant to skillfully execute the combination of food, service, décor, and atmosphere that delivers an unforgettable dining experience.

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Staircases & Corridors

Staircases and corridors are sometimes left unoccupied for hours at a time, but need to be well-lit when someone enters the space. Lutron solutions keep the lights on at a dim level to meet local codes, and brighten the lights when the staircase is occupied, providing a safe path of light. Using these strategies, you can reduce a significant portion of the buildings total lighting energy usage and meet building codes and standards.

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